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Many metal stamping companies talk about how important quality is, and quite a few tout their ISO 9001 compliance or certification.


But not many metal stamping manufacturers talk about why they sought ISO 9001 certification or how it benefits their customers.


When Service Stampings chose to pursue certification of our quality management system to ISO 9001 standards, we knew the process could be difficult and time-consuming.


But we also knew the benefits would be substantial both for our company and for our current and future metal stamping customers.


For Service Stampings, ISO 9001 certification provides:

• Increased efficiency
• Improved consistency
• Stronger employee morale
• Greater recognition as a quality-driven metal stamping manufacturer

Of course, improvements in efficiency and consistency directly benefit our metal stamping customers as well. Our ISO 9001 certification also assures them of:

• Enhanced customer service
• Increased documentation and traceability
• Stronger communications with customers

Service Stampings’ ISO 9001 certificate is a tangible symbol of our dedication to quality – and to the resulting improved information, product and service our metal stamping customers receive.


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