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What should I keep in mind when specifying sheet metal parts?


What are the benefits of using precision stainless steel?


Why do metal stamping manufacturers recommend pre-ordering consultations?


How can I identify a reliable sheet metal fabricator?


Where can I find definitions of commonly used metal stamping terms?

What dimensional tolerances can you hold?

  Typically, we hold the following tolerances as listed below. However, depending on material and design specifications, we can hold
   tighter tolerances when needed.


+/- .020” on one decimal place
+/- .010” on two decimal places
+/- .005” on three decimal places
+/- .005” on blank dimensions
+/- 1 degree on angles
+/- .002” hole to hole
+/- .005” hole to edge
+/- .002” or + .003”, -.002” hole diameter
+/- .005” on nesting

Do you do blanket orders?

  Yes. Our normal quoted pricing is based on a one-time shipment of the entire quantity. When a multiple release (blanket) order is needed,
  pricing will be based on the length of time and the number of releases (shipments) detailed in the purchasing program. We are here to
  meet your needs.

Can changes be made after the tooling components are made?

  Yes. Because our short-run process uses separate engineering fixtures for each operation (i.e. blank, pierce, and form), changes can
  be made for an individual operation at very little cost.

Can you work with our Kanban system?

  Absolutely. We strive to work within your purchasing guidelines. Our normal quoted pricing is based on a one-time shipment for the
  entire quantity quoted. We can quote price and delivery based on your needs.

What industries do you primarily serve?

  We like to say that we serve the “Fortune 5 Million." Our customer base is so broad that NO ONE CUSTOMER OR INDUSTRY accounts
  for more than 10% of our annual sales volume. Our largest industries served include Electrical, Power Distribution, Medical Instruments, Gauges
  and Metering Equipment, and Electronics.

What is your average lead time for a new part?

  Depending on materials, complexity, and engineering, our normal lead time can be 5-6 weeks for a new part and a production
  lead time of 4-5 weeks for repeat orders.

Do you do drawn parts? If so, how deep?

  Yes. We do drawn parts up to 4.900” deep.

Can you stamp non-metallic parts?

  Absolutely. We can use any “cold punchable” material.

Can you do fabrication and assembly?

  Yes. With our Trumpf TC2000 Flexible NC Punching Machine (Turret Punch Press), press brakes, stock tooling inserts, and secondary
  operations, we can satisfy your fabrication needs in as little as a few days.

Do you do prototype quantities?

  Yes. As a leader in the Short- and Medium-Run Stamping Industry for over 50 years, prototyping is a core competence.

Can you use our existing tools?

  Yes, if the provided tooling is in die sets compatible with our equipment.

Can you stamp parts that I provide?

  Yes. We can pierce, form, and finish customer-provided parts.

What are the minimum and maximum quantities for which you are most effective?

  Depending upon the materials, complexity, and finishing requirements, we are proficient and competitive from prototype orders of
  5 to full production runs of over 100,000 pieces per year.

I don’t have a blueprint. Can you make a part from a sample?

  Absolutely. Provide us with a sample and any critical dimensions or specifications for form, fit, and function, and we can quote,
  engineer, and produce your order.

My part calls for a very specific finish. Can you provide it?

  Yes. We have relationships with many qualified, outside vendors to provide finishing services which meet our customers' most
  demanding specifications.

How large, small, thick, or thin can my part be?

  Our maximum and minimum capabilities are:


Maximum Bed Length 57"
Maximum Bed Width 33"
Maximum Stroke Height 9.84"
Maximum Draw Height 4.9"
Maximum Material Thickness .500 (1/2")
Minimum Material Thickness .003"

What are your payment terms?

  Our normal payment terms are Net 30 days, F.O.B. Service Stampings Incorporated, Willoughby, OH, 44094, USA