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Ohio-based Metal Stamping Leader Plans for 2012 Growth


WILLOUGHBY, OH - Metal stamping leader Service Stampings Incorporated is looking for continued growth in 2012 tied to its broadening of capabilities in metal stamping and secondary operations.


"All short run stamping companies compete head to head in the middle of the market as far as blank size and material thickness are concerned," said Rob Stohlman, Service Stampings' Vice President of Sales.


"Service Stampings has gone to great lengths to stretch our capabilities to allow us to compete with other technologies at the very thin and very thick ends of the stamping spectrum, where other stamping companies cannot compete," Stohlman noted.


The Willoughby-based company can provide metal stamping of sheets as thin as .003". Depending on the material, Service Stampings also can stamp metal as thick as a half-inch. "Most short-run metal stamping companies are competent in the .1265" to .375" thickness range," Stohlman said, noting "we specialize on the two ends of the spectrum."


The company has redoubled its efforts to develop proprietary tooling techniques that allow Service Stampings to blank, punch and form ultra thin materials.


At the other end of the spectrum, the company's 200-ton press provides the capabilities to work with heavier gauge materials, larger blanks and deeper draws.


"As a result, our material capabilities are much broader than most of our competitors'," Stohlman said.


Another factor that will contribute to Service Stampings' growth this year is the company's ability to substitute metal stamping for chemical etching.

"When compared to etching, we can typically provide similar, if not superior, results in manufacturing blanks, but unlike chemical etching, we can form parts with a high degree of repeatability, while also providing a wide range of secondary operations that allow us to produce a finished part for the customer," Stohlman commented.


"Service Stampings has one of the broadest ranges of capabilities in the short stamping industry," he said. And, Stohlman added, "Most etching companies don't have the forming or secondary capabilities that we have."


For more information on small part precision metal stamping, visit Service Stampings: www.servicestampings.com


About Service Stampings Incorporated
Service Stampings Incorporated is a leading supplier of short and medium run stamping services to OEMs within the electrical, fastener, fluid power, medical instruments, and numerous other industries worldwide. The company offers a diverse range of engineering, design, project planning, tooling, manufacturing, part fabrication, secondary operations, assembly, and finishing services. Founded in 1957, the company is headquartered in Willoughby, Ohio.