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Service Stampings, Inc., Introduces FARO® Arm


WILLOUGHBY, OH - Service Stampings, Inc., an Ohio-based short-run metal stamping manufacturer and steel fabricator, has added a new FARO Arm to its Quality Department's arsenal.


The FARO Arm will increase the throughput of the Quality Department's Statistical Process Control (SPC) capabilities. The Arm can be programmed to analyze a part's geometries quickly and accurately, which reduces the amount of time any part has to spend in Quality Control and thus increases the plant's overall throughput.

The FARO Arm also allows for more accurate reverse-engineered parts from customer-provided samples. This will in turn assure that all parts Service Stampings manufactures will be of the highest quality.

"The FARO Arm represents a real investment in the future of our Quality Department," said Rob Stohlman, VP of Sales. "This will truly raise the sophistication of our Quality Department's reputation."

Founded in 1957, Service Stampings is an industry leader in precision metal stamping and steel fabrication and provides a wide array of services, ranging from design and engineering assistance to secondary services like multiple-spindle drilling and tapping along with assembly and finishing.